Salad Art (Experimental Series)

Salad Art, Experimental Series Experimental because of the blueberries and the finely sliced kumquats. The dressing (not shown) was a vinaigrette enriched with pureed avocado.

This was one of Jens’ early forays into adding sweet stuff to savory salads. I think that now that he’s mostly overcome my anti-salad bias, he’s chosen another mountain to climb, which is my fruits-are-not-savory-items prejudice.

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2 Comments to “Salad Art (Experimental Series)”

  1. Fruits in salads still weird me out. Fruits are not meant for salad, unless it is a fruit salad and only other fruits are the companions! This might be less of a fruits-are-not-savory-items bias, and more of a I-don’t-like-sweets bias.

  2. I am not the “Sue” who wrote the above.
    My take on fruits in salads come from fond memories; chefing at TJBuckley’s in Brattleboro, Vermont. At the end of a long, hot, tension-field evening a sliced plum or a few grapes or apple slices was supreme. We used Newman’s Own basic salad dressing. Maybe I sauteed some shrimp for the staff. It was divine, because we were happy and grateful to have served delicious dinners to expectant diners!

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