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July 31st, 2010

Purple Yam: Teaser

For now, check out my Yelp review.

July 30th, 2010

Salad Art (Experimental Series)

Salad Art, Experimental Series Experimental because of the blueberries and the finely sliced kumquats. The dressing (not shown) was a vinaigrette enriched with pureed avocado.

This was one of Jens’ early forays into adding sweet stuff to savory salads. I think that now that he’s mostly overcome my anti-salad bias, he’s chosen another mountain to climb, which is my fruits-are-not-savory-items prejudice.

July 30th, 2010

Quinoa salad, emphasis on salad

Picture to come.

Jens went avant garde. He had me taste it before he told me what was in it. Good thing, or I would have decided I wouldn’t like it. As it was, I got suckered into admitting it was delicious.

Red quinoa, cooked in broth in the the rice cooker
Fresh corn, both cooked and uncooked
Armenian cucumber
Sprouted grains

Fruit in my savory salads always weirds me out. But I ate it all, and it was delicious.

I am occasionally disturbed by my lack of complaints over these super healthy dinners. Three years ago I would have stared at the bowl and eaten a few bites before digging in the freezer for an ice cream bar.

July 30th, 2010

Salad Art #1

Salad Art #1

This was the start of the salad art series.

Grapefruit, pomegranate seeds, avocado, sunflower sprouts, some old salad greens, some old sprouted sprouts, and a lonely tomato.

July 29th, 2010

The one that started the blog

California Roll Quinoa SaladDeconstructed California Roll Quinoa Salad.

regular and red quinoa, cooked in vegetable or chicken broth in rice cooker
cucumbers, cut into batons
cherry tomatoes
sprouted grains
crab (from a can, not too bad actually)
green onion

Dressing: rice vinegar and soy sauce

Me: “What was your inspiration?” Jens:”Tell me what you think it was!” I take a bite, and I respond, “California Roll!”

He was practically giddy that I realized what he was going for. And that was when I realized, I should start a food blog to document his cookery. A few weeks later, here we are.