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November 7th, 2010

Earthy, or grassy? Mushroomy! A guest post from Jens.

This is the dish referred to in this post, made while the butternut squash was roasting in the oven. It’s easy, quick, and delicious. The key is to get good, flavorful mushrooms. I can’t imagine this working with plain white buttons.

Normally after the cookery is done and Jens and I are eating, I do an “interview with the chef” and get a quick rundown of the ingredients and cooking process. This interview is several weeks late, and Jens did most of the writing.

It’s sort of meta to have a guest post by Jens, on a cooking blog that features his cooking. read more »

October 16th, 2010

Bella Italia, or Edward Cullen (didn’t) eat here.

Mushroom Ravioli

That dish you see to your left? It’s famous. It’s mushroom ravioli. But not just any mushroom ravioli. It’s sparkle-vampire approved mushroom ravioli.

Last month, Jens and I spent two days in Western Washington state, home of Olympic National Park and the Hoh Rainforest. We took the ferry from Seattle, and so found ourselves in Port Angeles in time for an early dinner.

It quickly became apparent that this was not the Western Washington I remembered from the last time I visited 6 years ago. A cultural phenomenon had made its indelible mark on the area…its sparkly vampire mark.

Some thoughts, and two more pictures of vampire-approved food after the jump.

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October 10th, 2010

Summer Menu: Mutual Bossiness

Our kitchen is big enough for one person, but definitely not for two people, especially if those two people are both trying to do different things while simultaneously attempting to boss the other person around.

Me to Jens, multiple times, as he made the burger: “Over handling is the enemy of a good burger!”

Jens to me, multiple times, as I prepare the toppings: “Make sure you cut the tomato into meaty slices!”

Burgers, vegetable salad, two types of potato salad, and for desert, my first-ever (both for making and eating) plum-nectarine bourbon crumble.

Recipes for the burgers and veg salad after the jump. read more »

October 10th, 2010

Leftover Do-over: brazilian ribs » meaty saucy taco

Dear reader, I would ask you to close your eyes and picture this, but obviously if you closed your eyes you couldn’t read about what it was I wanted you to picture. So, picture it (eyes open): piediena romagnola—pan-fried flatbread with cheese and prosciutto cotto, with a special avocado sauce.

What did you see in your mind’s eye? I think I can tell you what you didn’t picture. read more »

August 28th, 2010

Lesson learned

Don’t start a food blog in the middle of a campaign. Apologies for the lack of new posts. I actually have a backlog built up but haven’t even had time to get the photos off the camera. (Jens finally shamed me into using a real camera for the photos instead of the Android.)

All this is to say, as soon as the campaign is over, expect more regularity in posting. Until then, it’s like a nice surprise every time there’s a new post! Right?

August 28th, 2010

Vegetarian huevos rancheros chicharron tacos

Today Jens discovered* cheese chicharron – he fried up thin slices of aged sheeps’ milk cheese (akin to parmesan, but much stronger). There was some tomatillo-shallot-corn salsa left over from another taco night. And then we found out that our Trader Joe’s cage free eggs were NOT part of the recall! So of course to celebrate we had huevos rancheros. Except as tacos.

Jens: Whew, that was not a light lunch.

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July 31st, 2010

Purple Yam: Teaser

For now, check out my Yelp review.