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December 23rd, 2010

Some other fridge: Manila Machine

I finally tried Manila Machine, a Filipino food truck that has been on my to-eat list since they opened. Here’s a review. Sorry about the lack of food photos—we were both so hungry that we had devoured the food before we even thought to take photos. If any of the words look unfamiliar, you can mouseover if it’s underlined and a quick definition will pop up. You’re welcome. 🙂

Longanisa slider
Pacquiao special (sisig egg sandwich)
Sisig (good but definitely much improved with the addition of sriracha)
Veggie lumpia shanghai
Spam slider
Manila dipper
2 ube cupcakes (so good and actually tasted like ube!)


Tasty. But heavy. I incorrectly sold Jens on this outing by speculating that it would probably be lighter than regular Filipino food since it’s second-gen. I was wrong. Fried egg and fried meats and bread = well-worth-it food coma. However, Jens pointed out that we actually spent more money than if we had gone down the street to the point-point joint. It’s by no means expensive, but just a heads up that it’s not as cheap as what some of us might be used to for Filipino food ($6 for a two-item combo with rice? Yeah.)

Overall I really liked it, but part of that is because I like food adventures. Did you know one theory about ADHD is that it’s actually adaptive in hunter-gatherer societies, but maladaptive in agricultural societies? So stalking and hunting street food makes me feel like I’m an extraordinarily gifted hunter-gatherer.

November 22nd, 2010

Spicy mayo grilled mackerel

I’m generally reluctant to grill fish, especially without a fish basket, because of the sticking-falling-apart-burnt-outside-raw-inside aspect. But this is a pretty foolproof way to grill: the spicy mayo keeps it from sticking, and grilling fillets instead of whole fish makes it a lot easier to figure out when it’s done. Start to finish this definitely takes 30 minutes or less. Unless you’re having problems with your grill (which I did the night I grilled this. But it made me feel very modern independent woman to fix it.)

Jens made a black-bean bok choy stir fry to go along with it, and he made the spicy mayo. I basically stood over the grill getting fish smoke on me. Recipe after the jump. read more »